Artist Info

  • Daniel Hitchens
  • Brithday: December 19, 1991
  • Residence: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Ocupation: Rhythm Guitarist
  • Genres: POP Musucian
  • Musically Active: 1999-Present


Our Live Performance


Daniel Hitchens is a musician who has a stable and strong position in the New Zealand Music scene. His diverse musical abilities allow him to maintain a step ahead of other musicians in the scene as he performs as a member of many ensembles, ranging from pop groups, to his own musical projects and jazz ensembles. His career began at the age six when he began playing guitar. From this time Daniel adopted disciplined practice routines which allowed him to excel in his musical abilities and knowledge. Playing guitar in a local church and in local country bands from the age 7 gave him an early start to live performance. During high school Daniel excelled when he accepted the challenge of leading his own bands and formed projects for a range of events and competitions. They would come to be a regular feature in various local events. Daniel has travelled far and wide playing guitar in a range of different settings from music festivals in New Zealand to performing in Hollywood with NZ singer Stevie Tonks. After graduating from high school Daniel went on to teach music professionally in and around the Canterbury area for several years. With a growing interest in jazz, he then joined CPIT Jazz School to further his musical studies, sharpen his technique and broaden his musical tastes. While at CPIT Jazz School, Daniel formed a number of musical projects, including the covers band, “Sammy Jay and the Cucumbers”, as well as “The Madras Jazz Quartet”. These bands quickly gained success in the local entertainment scene and regularly play around New Zealand. As well as this, Daniel performs regularly as a session player for singers and groups around the country on a regular basis.

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, Daniel Hitchens Music provides a modern approach to learning music with allows you to learn the fundamentals of music while focusing on what YOU want to play. Daniel has over 8 years of experience teaching all genres of guitar, drums, bass and ukulele. Many of the lessons are conducted in local schools around Canterbury, as well as a modern studio located on Cashel Street in the Christchurch CBD.

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